Help raise money for your Church or favorite Non-Profit

Help raise money for your Church or favorite Non-Profit. This service is available on all products sold by Praise the Lord Music

Christian Community Outreach Programs:

We want to give back and help young people gt a chance to play music.  When you church and/or Non-Profit fills out this form we will donate 10% of the gross sale of any product to you organization.

After the form is filled out we will assign a code to your organization and when anyone purchases any item from us and put your code in the Coupon box at checkout your organization will receive a donation from Praise the Lord music.

It is just that simple!

Christian Community Outreach Programs

New Testament Church 1941 West Florence Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90047  Code: NTC101

Conrad O. Johnson Music and Fine Arts Houston Texas   Code: CJM101

William Grant Stills  Los Angeles  Code: WGS101

Faith United Methodist Church 2115 West 182nd Street Torrance, CA 90504 Code: FMCT101